Victoria Bonya showed his baby picture

Victoria Bonya showed his baby pictureVictoria Bonya has recently published a picture of mom in her youth. "My dear mommy, are we like?" asked Bonya from their fans. The photo caused a lot of positive comments. All felt that both girls are very similar and undoubtedly beautiful.Now Vick has put his baby picture. "Do you know that? Yes, it's me. I 3 years old," reads the comment under the photo. Read more -->

Killer of two women in Kazan declared insane

Killer of two women in Kazan declared insaneIn Kazan, the experts acknowledged PhD Igor Danilevsky, who is accused of killing two women, insane."According to the conclusion of a comprehensive forensic psychological and psychiatric expert Commission of the State scientific center of social and forensic psychiatry named VP Serbian, Danilevsky has a temporary mental disorder that prevents him now to realize the actual nature and social danger of his actions and control them. This Danilevsky is a danger to themselves and others, requires constant supervision and requires compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital specialized type to its release from the painful condition with further direction for examination," he told ITAR-TASS representative of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Vladimir Martyrological control interaction with the media of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federationist about personalaties Markin.Now the investigators intend to apply to the court to transfer Danilevsky in a psychiatric hospital specialized type.38-year-old candidate of philosophical Sciences, a former teacher, one Professor of the Kazan University Igor Danilevsky is accused of killing his former classmates 38-year-old Lily Zaripova and her 76-year-old mother. Women were brutally murdered on August 22, 2012. He first confessed to the crime, saying that he had killed the women with a knife, but before leaving, in order to divert suspicion from himself and create the appearance of ritual murder, folded in a certain way the bodies of the dead and their blood wrote on the wall "Free! Pussy Riot". But then Danilevsky recanted their testimony, claiming that gave them under pressure. . Read more -->

In Tatarstan another Chapter of the district voluntarily resigned

In Tatarstan another Chapter of the district voluntarily resignedChapter Pestrechinsky district of the Republic of Sygulla Nasybullin, who has worked in this position for more than 15 years, resigned.According to the head of administration of the head Pestrechinsky district of Iskandar Akhmetzyanova, the decision on the resignation of Nasibullin was made voluntarily and supported by the deputies at the session Pestrechinsky district Council, writes Kazan edition "Business Online". To reveal the reason of such decision former chef, he found it difficult.Participate in the extraordinary meeting of the district Council took the speaker of the Tatarstan Parliament Farid Mukhametshin. On the same day, the deputies adopted a statement Azat Valiullin his resignation from the post of head of the Executive Committee Pestrechinsky district, the duties were entrusted to his Deputy, Edward Durova.As reported IA REGNUM, the country is already the second month of the resignation of the head of the district. . . . Read more -->

To not get cancer, doctors advise to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits

To not get cancer, doctors advise to eat more fresh vegetables and fruitsMore than 14 thousand new cases of cancer were identified in last year Tatarstan oncologists. It's almost 3 percent more than in 2012, said today at a press conference timed to the world day against cancer, Deputy chief physician of the Republican Oncology center Kamil Shakirov.At the beginning of 2014 on account of oncologists with a diagnosis of "cancer" is more than 80 thousand people. Every 47th resident of the Republic."But this does not mean that people are more likely to get sick. Just to detect tumors were more frequently. People live with cancer for longer. Marked stabilization of mortality from malignant neoplasms. Read more -->

Circus brothers zapashnyh will show Kazan rooms, not having analogues in the world

Circus brothers zapashnyh will show Kazan rooms, not having analogues in the worldFrom 22 June to 21 July in Kazan state circus will be touring Circus brothers zapashnyh. Today, world-renowned trainers, people's artists of Russia Edgard and Askold zapashnye said during a press conference organized jointly by the brothers Circus zapashnyh, Kazan state circus and IA "Tatar-inform", the audience will be presented with one of the best programs of the Russian circus.The last time the brothers zapashnye were in Kazan 5 years ago. This year the performance will be held in the days of the Cultural Universiade. The Kazan audience will be presented with a unique program, some rooms which have no analogues in the world."In our program are the best artists who have awards from different competitions, titles. We strive to maintain the reputation and reinforce, to strengthen it. We successfully went on a number of competitions, none of our artists is not without rewards, they become the winners of various international competitions, world Championships. Read more -->

Whether the pattern of breast feeding?

Whether the pattern of breast feeding?It is important to remember that breast health is improving as feeding. The body functions best, exactly when works for its intended purpose! Therefore, when feeding longer than one and a half to two years, often passes or becomes significantly less breast disease and the risk of breast cancer decreases literally every month feeding. But women care about not only the content but also the form... so what happens to the breast when breastfeeding?The shape of the breast begins to change during pregnancy. As you approach birth in the breast are increasingly developing glandular tissue, which function is to produce milk, and which partially replaces prevailing in the chest at rest adipose tissue. And physiological characteristics of the breast such that the adipose tissue good enough to keep the shape, while the glandular tissue is not holding it at all. Read more -->

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